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​Minang USA was established to fully utilize the strategic importance and potentiality of the presence of the Minangkabau (Minang) community in United States. We have a mission to nurture and promote the interests of our community by assisting with economic and educational opportunities as well as bring awareness and understanding of the Minang culture.​

Our Mission

  • To promote the economic well-being of the Minang people by providing assistance to less fortunate school children of the area to advance and increase their education and potential.

  • To nurture and promote the interests of the Minang people in the United States by assisting with economic and educational opportunities.

  • To provide an outlet for the Minang people in the United States to share and foster a better understanding of the Minang culture.

  • To promote social interactions amongst the Minang people by sponsoring and organizing social and cultural events as well as sponsoring educational and economic seminars.

Our Mission

Our Vision

As a group led by the younger generation of the Minang people, we strive to for inclusiveness in our community. While we are a Minang organization, we invite all to join us! We are proud to share our culture with everyone.

Our Team

President: Estaza Monzano
Vice President: Aanisah Hasan
Secretary: Astrid Masfar
Treasurer: Silvaray Rumedi
Chairman: Putra Yularnis
Advisor: Nini Asikin
Social Media: Sherif Kadir
Advisor: Nadia Syahmalina
Bookkeeper: Rissa Monzano
Marketing + Technical Support: Andy Masfar Technical Support: Al Asikin
Social Media: Kimberly Syuardi
Team Associate: Destaniya Soelistyo
Team Associate: Daniel Zare

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